The picture we get from the liberal media and Democrats is of a bunch of people standing around praising Donald Trump like a god. They seem to think we’d follow Donald Trump right off a cliff without considering what he says or does. That is the picture of what the Democrat Socialists do year after year. They keep making promises in cities like Chicago but their cities still deteriorate and the killings continue and the school gets worst not better. I say their cities because year after year they continue under the Democrat Mayors and city councils. They raise taxes, parking fees & fines but yet there are places you can’t walk the streets at night or even in the day time. They blame the Republicans when the President in the White House but when offered help they turn a blind eye to it.

They say that we follow Donald Trump like he is another Hitler but they just don’t get the difference between what they offer and what the Democrats offer. They are even some Republicans have sat back and watch businesses close and move overseas. It isn’t that they just closed but they took the machinery with them. Then they turn around and make the same thing to sell to us at the same prices. It isn’t that they just closed but they in all reality fired all the employees and thought nothing about it.

Instead of making companies pay for the dumping of thousands of employees on the unemployment dole and forcing people into bankruptcy. It not only did that but it raised the suicide rate and move productive people to Walmart Greeters and store clerks.

So why do we cheer on President Trump? It isn’t his hair! It isn’t his ego or braggadocios attitude! It because Donald Trump understands years of government and business as usual of self-serving people. He saw the promises made and unkempt. We cheer because he wants what we want. We want a strong country and we want to work. He wants all people to work successfully. We don’t idolize President Trump but we support him because he supports us PERIOD!

I started using computers back in 1979 and each year they get better, lighter, smarter, and easier to use. I use to spend hours on my Commodore Vic-20 typing in little programs to do things to show up on my screen. Then the Commodore 64 hit the market and I’d type hours to get a free word processor. I finally graduated to Windows machines and now we are in the world of Windows 10.

I like to read books more than ever before and of course, have more time to do so with being retired. There is never a shortage of books to read and the prices are more reasonable than ever before. You can get a whole series sometimes for 99 cents. I know some people like those hard-covered books or paperbacks in their hands. I do too but I believe you can read faster and speed read better using a digital copy of a book. Plus there are programs that will read the book to you. Sometimes we aren’t the best readers and can’t pronounce words correctly. You might even just want to know how to pronounce a word and having the computer read it for you, will help you the next time you see it. I wasn’t a very good reader and probably my grades suffered because I wasn’t and my basic skills tests were low because of my reading skills. Any way you can help your son or daughter read better is a good thing. Listening to books being read and following along can help a person pronounce words later maybe in tests.

Mom or dad’s eyes start to fail and the strain of reading hurts their eyes in the evening after a long day. It’s time to teach them how to use Microsoft Read Out loud or how to use Audible Books or another Audio program like Librivox to listen to books or the Bible. There is just a mass of books that one can get either free or low cost and even from your library. There many good earpieces that require no cords that make listening more private and last for a long time.

The thing about digital books is there is no clutter and in small apartments and houses keeping clutter down is important. I get it that we like holding that book in our hands but it is a better option the older we get. It is like hearing aids we don’t want to wear them because they make you look old. Well guess what we are and why should we care if we look older? It isn’t a beauty contest we are wearing hearing aids for but to improve our lives and quit saying ” What you say? ” or huh all the time. How annoying is that talking to your older sister with bad hearing? So many things are available to help people do things but we resist the help.

Things are coming down the road that will make lives easier in many ways and I know for one will continue to be Amazed!

Have you opened your browser today or your newspaper ? It seems to this old guy there isn’t a shortage of things to panic about. Though it just maybe in the media eyes that the world is in complete turmoil. Let’s take a look at some of these panic attach things.

Let’s start with the tariff situation with China. We all know that President Trump added $200 billion to the tariffs on goods coming from China. We have seen our steel industry go from world class to near nothing and the Chinese just keep on pumping it out with no worries of being slowed down because of there socialist system and no competition in China itself. Maybe this is part of the old tariffs but it is a prime example of what Chinese do because there internal works provide no competition. They have millions literally of people who need jobs and as long as they are working no matter if there products are just being dumped on the world market or on the floors there it doesn’t matter. It’s just a principle to them keep people working. Apple and companies from this part of the world in China, still have to play by Western and European rules because they don’t want to completely flood our markets and force a price decrease on there products. You see layoffs and production cut backs because of our fluctuating market conditions. Some of products with these new tariff will either continue to arrive here or no longer even be shipped. Some of the tariffs maybe able to pass on to consumers and some won’t. Some may make it possible for industry here to either compete better or maybe start a knew. Walmart just raised the alarm on the new tariffs. Here is a company that for years said American made was great and Sam Walton took pride in bragging about it. Yet with him gone to be with his ancestors, the picture at Walmart did a complete flip. Now it is gigantic cargo ships from China bringing is every kind of goods from China to flood our market. While we have layoffs and created a Welfare system second to none. While we advertise and tell people how to sign up for Food Stamps and brag about how good it is for our economy. Walmart doesn’t care just keep supporting the China dump policy. Believe it is there policy. It was until we got a President who said we need jobs here, we need plants here and we need our pride back here. We should not panic because in the long run this will be better for America than having China and others continuing to dump there goods on us and having jobs here and not there.

This has gone a little longer than I planned. So this may become a two or three piece opinion piece. That is a good thing because what we get in the media is a total blame on Trump and no sense of reason. The best promoters of Xanax is the American media. Panic attach two Our Constitutional Crisis coming next.

Peace seems to an elusive thing for a man to accomplish. We long for it in our personal lives and our communities. It doesn’t matter where you are in this world it’s a longing most of us have. I say most because there are always some people that don’t see peaceful co-existence as a viable way of life. Someone is always wanting to take advantage of their neighbor for their gain. So the need for laws, police, judges, and everything that comes with it we are saddle with every day.

There are always the good meaning people who think the way to solve our problems is limiting the rights of others. I’m not going to say these people are evil but I will say misguided. Some people think taking away guns from people will make our communities safer but they don’t take into consideration the police can’t be everywhere. Mass shootings always renew calls for some type of gun take-away proposal from people who think that it’s the gun’s fault. When you consider the number of guns in America the crimes by guns are very few. People that use guns for crimes would still have guns even if you got the lawful citizens to give theirs up.

Today President Biden made some proposals or executive orders to limit the possession of ghost guns. Heck, I’ll bet a lot of people don’t even know what he was talking about. A handgun brace which makes it easier to hold a handgun steady to shoot was another thing he wants to restrict people from owning. Of course this he says is only the beginning of the restrictions, he will be bringing forward to limit the violence caused by guns and their easy access. Even when AR-15 was restricted there was no real proof that it helped to curb gun violence.

What is more proven by the mass removal of guns from society only is when citizens don’t have guns the rise of dictators and people oppress people. There isn’t any doubt that guns can be dangerous but other things we use every day are dangerous too.

While our liberal society pushes things like no need for two parents in a family. We don’t argue that one parent can’t handle a family but with two parents working together it is much easier. With the removal of dads in the minority communities and the others following suit, we see the disaster that it causes for kids. Men aren’t the only ones walking away from families, women do it too. We have dropped the word responsibility from our vocabularies and our courts have gone soft when granting divorces. It doesn’t matter if you are a liberal or a conservative both have seem to accept this lack of personal responsibility and caved to the morals of our world.

It would be nice to have peace, no drive-by shooting. carjacking’s, home invasions, mass shootings, no wars, no divorces, and governments that worked for the people. I’m afraid that isn’t going to happen in our lifetimes and more government isn’t going to solve the problems we have. Peace is just a dream.

Most of us have been on that side on Valentine’s Day. Either because we have lost a spouse or a lover then this day and holidays aren’t the happiest of time. I get that and I’ve been in that place many times. Especially when it comes to losing family members. Family, I find a little easier to deal with than a lost lover. I say that not because I haven’t had loving relationships with my parents and family members but because I know that it is a cycle in life. It isn’t a question of not missing them or loving them. It’s just the way life goes.

Losing a lover is maybe a little more dramatic and upsetting depending on who dumped who and the suddenness of it. I think it takes more time to get over a loss like that. If you lose them because of death that may be easier than to still have that person lingering around somewhere near. Some people though have a hard time letting go and moving on in life. That isn’t a healthy situation and can be damaging to your health too.

We often read about people who kill their lover or wife, husband, etc: because they can’t let go. That is when a person is very depressed and just doesn’t get it. That this world is a big place and there is more fish in the ocean than one. Getting that through to someone who thinks he or she can’t live without that one person is sometimes hard to do. No one is so much need that they can’t live without the other person. It isn’t so and it is selfish to think that way. Things happen and we do fall out of love with someone. It hurts and it is terrible but it isn’t the end of the world or our lives. To get to the point of wanting to physically hurt someone you love is wrong. We should all remember one thing God can’t force anyone to love Him and neither can we. So if God can’t then what makes us any better than God. Sooner or later God just leaves that person to their demise. It isn’t that He doesn’t love them but they don’t love Him back. We will probably always love that person we promised to always love but if they stop loving us. Then we can’t make them love us. It is just time to move on no matter how hard it is to do. It doesn’t mean you’ll forget them or the pain won’t come back from time to time. We have to realize we aren’t perfect, we make mistakes in judgment and life goes on. Like your mom or dad said there are lots of fish in the ocean of life. Even though that one time love of your life is lost life has more to give and if the other person broke it off it is their loss, not yours. I know easy for me to say. I can say it because I’ve been there and did it. You have to remember you need to love yourself and that means you a worthy of love and deserve to be loved.

Life is way too short to blame yourself day in and day out for a failed love. We all must die someday and letting our parents, grandparent, and siblings go with that in mind is a good thing. If you are like me, you’ll believe someday you’ll be united. With that, I’ll say Happy Valentines Day you deserve it!

I don’t write to many blogs on this page but yet at times my little brain comes up with a idea or two I’d like to share. This is one of those times.

We live in our own little bubble in life and have our own struggles , failures and successes. Regardless of what you think you aren’t just a number in life. We all impact things as we proceed through life. Whether we a leave a positive or a negative mark in life is up to us. We all struggle with what we will do in life and how to make a success of our lives. Most of us won’t make a big impact on a world scale or even in our own communities. Yet one way or another we will effect someone or some place around us. No matter who you are you effect something or someone besides you.

My son was a dishwasher for many years and I’m very proud of my son. I’ve always told him that his job was a critical in running the restaurant. That can be said of anyone that has a job. I’m not sure but think most parents want to see their children go to college and get the best education in life. Each of us has different abilities and a lot of times it isn’t being a book worm. So even though college is a good thing some peoples just don’t have it in their ability’s to do. For some it might be a maturity thing and others just the lack of skills to do it.

Regardless of what we choose to do we touch many peoples lives and effect many people even if we don’t think we do. We all are unique individuals but unfortunately in our society conformity seem to be the way we do things these days. It is a shame really because each person has his or her talents in life. Most of us don’t like to stand out and be made fun of or told we are weird but that is what you risk not going a long with the crowd. That is exactly what needs to be taught to our children to be their own person and not do things just because others do it.

The mark we leave on life is determined by our decisions we make in life. Yes regardless of how hard we try we will make mistakes and fail ourselves and those we love. Our being remembered as a stand up person or person who caves to all the whims of life is in our hands no one else’s. It really isn’t a bad thing to fail at somethings in life. It teaches us our strengths and weaknesses. It shows what we are good at and what we aren’t good at. Sometimes we fail just because we don’t have the maturity to be ready to do what we are attempting to do. Some people go to college right out of high school but they don’t have the discipline to do the studying and work required to succeed. It is a expensive lesson to learn but hey it took Edison hundreds of hours and tries before he invented a light bulb that worked.

Your mark in life might be over coming parents that weren’t very good parents. Ones that set a bad example for you. Thing to remember is that you are your own person. You don’t have to be like your parents if they are drunks or drug users. The old saying that I’m a drunk because my dad was a drunk isn’t true. That is just a excuse if that is what you do. Just because your dad beat you doesn’t mean you should beat your kids. Life is a learning experience and if you were hurt by what your parents did to you or by the way they treated each other. Then you know what hurts and the changes you need to make so you don’t make the same mistakes.

The mark we leave in history may just go as far as your family. But perhaps that is the place to leave your best marks and memories. It might be just your attitude you carry through the roughest situations in life that will be remembered. It might be the solid advice you give that they remember. It might be your unwavering faith in God in all situations. But the mark we leave on life is only controlled by you. Time really is to short to spend it wasting on complaining and not getting a long. Especially in families. Forgiveness is relief for the soul. It may not get the other people to change or forgive you too, Yet it clears your heart and gives you peace of mind that you did what God would want you to do.

To me the Great Question of the Day is What If? But it seems to be the lost question in the realm of our news media in print, TV or radio. We are two years plus into the investigation of the President and his team on the question of collusion. Yet in that two years plus have you seen or heard that question asked. What if President Trump and his team did nothing wrong ? Have you seen it in the New York Times or the Washington Post or heard it on CNN or MSNBC. Isn’t that how this system is suppose to work. Not guilty until proven guilty by your peers? Maybe I should reverse this question a little. What if Trump and his team did collude with Russians, to what wreck Clintons chances of winning the 2016 Presidential election? I know I’ve ask myself that question but I had my doubts it could be true. Yet I was willing to wait out the Mueller investigation and accept the answers they gave. I wait and the answer came but not once did the Democrats or news media say What If President Trump and his team did nothing wrong. They got the answer they said they’d accept but they lied because now they can’t accept it.

The Democrats and news media have proved President Trump was right when he called it all FAKE NEWS. Every single word about collusion was wrong 19 lawyers, $35,000,000.00, hundreds of interviews, 2 Attorney Generals and over 2 years of investigation for a no collusion conclusion. Ruin lives, bankrupt people and people in jail for everything but collusion. No apologies or I’m sorry from the left unless it is I’m sorry we were wrong.

The What IF question for me has been answered and now the other questions looms in my mind Why Then? Maybe a second question stands out too. Who Then? Why Then was this investigation brought forward and Who Then started the ball rolling. Those are fair question and I dare to say no one in the media except Fox News, Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity and a few others will dare go after to find out. Because you see the other Media is just propaganda and aren’t really news people. When they should be celebrating our President and his team did nothing wrong. They are gnashing there teethe crying that they been out foxed by there own white knight. They have a real problem because the What IF question was never once asked if there was no collusion by Team Trump. The eggs all in one basket rumbling around in a big mess. There feet stuck in it and the browns goop all over them and the walls behind them. So no where to go but trudging through the crap they created but never wrong. They are like a baby in the crib with poop from head toe with no one else around saying someone else did it.

The real collusion question is yet to be answered but with the more crying we here from those that wouldn’t give even the slightest benefit of a doubt, the more it looks like we already know our answer. But unlike the media and the Democrats. We on the right are going to say What If? first before we throw our stones.

Who is in control ?

Many people believe in climate change and our school children have it drilled in to there heads almost better than the 3 R’s. So what can man control? That to me is the biggest question that we need to ask ourselves. Can we control hurricanes? Can we control the weather at all? We think the ice caps are melting at faster rates but can we control that? There are arguments on both side as to whether man is the cause or it’s just a cycle in our world that is causing climates to adjust. After all which one of us have lived a 1000 years or will live that long.

Let’s look at a few things we know first. We need oxygen to live a given factor in our study. We breath in oxygen and out carbon monoxide . All mammals do the same. We need to replenish our oxygen in our atmosphere and so there are somethings we can do to help restore oxygen. In our larger cities around the world we’ve eaten up green space like it isn’t needed. But the truth is green space produce oxygen and it take carbon monoxide out of the atmosphere. So we need to plan green space in with our building of new businesses. We need to return old manufacturing plant that are closed and abandon to green space. Of course in some climates you have the four seasons of the year and in the Fall and Winter green plants hibernate but still in and around businesses there should be space that in the Spring are ready to come alive and produce the rejuvenating oxygen to help make up for the lost of lands that there business takes. This is something we can do and must do with good government and thoughtful laws.

We do know that with the invention of plastic, that it has become a real problem with disposal and recycling it. We have to admit that we are addicted to the use of plastic and it makes things simpler to transport, store and get rid of after we are done with it. The later being the hardest part of the equation to figure out. Plastic is basically made from petroleum and it is easier to turn into plastic that other things right now. Problem is that plastic doesn’t just dissolve and return to a oil after it has been used. We know that plastic burns but it gives off fumes and that isn’t good. Yet heat shrinks plastic. So perhaps there is away to speed shrink it to at least store it. Until a less expensive way to recycle it, Shrink it to take up less space I firmly believe that as men and women we can figure out away to recycle plastics so our oceans and rivers can be protected. Let me suggest that we give let’s say 10 billion dollar tax free award for the persons or persons to invent that process to recycle plastic in a cost and environmentally safe way. And that patent be shareable world wide. I can hear the inventors now saying it might cost more than 10 billion dollars to invent away to do that. Then in that reward we should build in a recovery cost paid to the inventor too. So now that 10 billion dollar tax free reward really is a incentive.

We can sit around and complain about climate change and all that stuff. But complaining gets us no where. We are wasting time and energy. When it should be spent on busting our butts on figuring out ways to actually do something about our problems rather than waste oxygen doing nothing but complaining.

I’m not a big environmental junkie or a climate change end of the world. Yet I do see the problems we face and ask myself why isn’t getting rid of trash a number one priority in this country and every other country too.

Look I’m not sure how long it take for plastics to break down or dissolve and become non-threating to us and other living things. First let’s look at it from a human perspective. Scientist say it will literally take 300 years for plastics to break down. Then which one of us is going to live 300 years to see if that is true. I know they have these test they do and kind a install artificial aging to come up with that figure. What really scares me more than anything is the fish that we get from our oceans are eating this stuff and killing them prematurely.

We have seen these big barges of trash that places like New York City load up and take out sea to dump. Something in my mind tells me that is absolutely wrong. Yet here you have a city with 8 to 10 million people and you have all this trash, so what are you suppose to do with it ? We are literally spending billions of dollars to send people into space. Which is really cool but here we are on this planet were none of us but just a few will make that trip into space. So here you have 6 or 7 billion people loading our planet up millions and millions of tons of trash. Something is wrong with this scene. I know that there are scientist that are working on figuring out ways to plastics out of stuff that can dissolve safely after a few years. I remember getting toothpaste out of tubes that weren’t plastic when I was a kid. The thing about plastic is that it is easier to manufacture. It’s lighter than wood or metal. So other than the molds the things are formed in it’s easier to pop things out with less energy to do so. In this day and age everyone wants things cheap, fast and disposable.

That being said we have some hard choices to make. We could go back to glass bottles and jars. Cost go up manufacturing and shipping cost go up. Maybe we can figure out away of making more things out of paper. That means more trees being removed which environmentally isn’t that sound a idea. Yet trees can be replanted and that isn’t bad . How about awarding say a monetary prize to the person or company that can come up with a proven additive that can be added to plastic compounds. To make it dissolve say in two years after it is manufactured. Plus a recovery amount for the money put into the research and development. Now certain things will need to remain without this additive because it is for long term use. But things that we use once and throwaway need to dissolve and return to the ground without a environmental impact. I know this is a hard nut to crack but I also think that putting enough minds together and enough resources that we as humans can do it for our own survival and our planet. I’m also a man of faith that believe our God who has feed mankind millions of ideas over the years will feed our brains to solve this problem. He isn’t just going to say here it is the answer but He is going to let us work and prevail. I believe faith can move mountains and like Edison it took him hundreds of experiments trials before he discover the right metal for a filament for a light bulb. You can’t tell that faith had nothing to do with the development of electricity and what that one thing has done for mankind.

Bottom line is we have no choice but to stay on planet earth and we should be investing just as much of our resources into keeping this place inhabitable as we do wanting to explore other worlds. I’m not a big environmentalist but I do see the need to recycle and figure out aways to take care of the trash we make. Animals are going to die and we understand that but if our trash is killing ocean life and taking away the natural feeding places Then we have to figure out a better way to dispose of our trash . What do you think ?

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